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Post Logs: A DR Media Buyer's Best Friend

Posted by Jessica Metz

Mar 23, 2015 9:30:00 AM

Post logs are a report from the station showing if and when your media spots actually ran. Because we face far less than 100% clearance on DR media schedules, and often buy broad rotators instead of specific shows/programs, it is impossible to know the times and clearance level ahead of time.

Post logs can be overwhelming. They come in various forms depending on the station, they contain a lot of codes and data, and if your campaign is a large one, sorting through it all can be a part (or full) time job in itself.

As tempting as it may be to ignore post logs, doing so can be detrimental to your bottom line. Post logs hold key data that can help make strategic decisions about your media spend and clue you into credit opportunities. Some important use cases are:

  1. Pinpointing what piece of your media schedule is most successful: we all love broad rotators for their cost efficiency, but if one program is bringing in all your leads, it might be better to focus your spend there. Without looking at post logs, it’s a guessing game. If call activity is your only point of reference, and a spot airs in the last few minutes of one show, how can you be sure the calls coming in on the following show weren’t from that previous one?
  2. Catching credit opportunities: let’s say you bought a morning news schedule from 6a-9a and your spot airs at 9:05a. This may seem like a minor difference, but it could have major implications on your audience. Not to mention, the station is taking liberties with your signed contract. Technically, you could dispute this spot and get a credit or makegood. Every dollar counts in your campaign metrics, and many of these instances can add up quick. Paying attention to the post logs just might save you lots of money. This is the only true way to reconcile invoices with the station.

With the right tools, post log analysis can be made simple. Zenith Media Tracking provides the ability to import post logs into your dash for combination reporting with call data, quickly showing which spots were most successful. Contact us for a demo and to learn more.



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