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Advanced Call Routing: Options and Benefits for Direct Response Ad Agencies

Posted by Jessica Metz

Jan 8, 2014 10:30:00 AM

Call routing, for the purposes of directing and tracking advertising based phone calls, has become very advanced. There are so many options available, going way beyond the standard point A to point B. Some of the additional routing features available are:

  1. Use of IVR, prompting the caller to press a number to connect.
  2. Hunting: routing to a series of numbers in order to reach a live person.
  3. Geo-routing, based on location of caller.
  4. State, time, and total number parameters.
  5. % of calls split between multiple endpoints.
  6. Cost per lead controls. Advanced-Call-Routing-Options-for-direct-response_-agencies

These routing strategies can be applied for various reasons and have great benefits. Interactive voice response technologies, referred to as IVR's, serve multiple purposes; a simple one number prompt will screen calls for misdials, or an elaborate phone tree can direct customers to a variety of departments or call centers based on customer choices. Each help to ensure that the destination reached is the intended one, saving time for everyone involved.

The hunting feature is great when there are several people who can handle the call, but there is no telling who will be available. This eliminates the need to give customers multiple numbers, as one will dial to every person in a predetermined order.

Geo-routing is especially important if you serve customers in different areas and want to make sure they are getting to the closest location. Limiting states is especially helpful when your company is not licensed in or serving all states; having a built-in system to eliminate unqualified leads is an efficient way to screen calls.

Unless you use one 24/7 endpoint, setting a time parameter can definitely come in handy. If your call center is M-F 9a-9p, and outside of business hours you would like that call routed somewhere else, you can do just that with an easy set-up. Every day of the week can be set with different open and close times for detailed customization. When it comes to leads, some clients want to limit quantities to a certain location. Specifying a total call limit takes away the worry of going over budget.

When multiple endpoints/call centers are involved, you can control the percentage each receives. This may be for monetary, time, total, or any other reason. Take it one step further, and base the routing off how much each client is paying for that lead, to fully maximize your campaign dollars. Then the client paying the most gets greater lead flow, generating more money for you.

Choosing the right routing strategy for your campaign is extremely important. Zenith Media Tracking offers a team of experts who can help develop the best routing plan for you.

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