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Beyond the Open Bar - Benefits of Attending Industry Events

Posted by Jessica Metz

Feb 25, 2014 8:12:00 AM

Sure, the open bar is a nice perk, but attending industry events, whether it be conference cocktails or a regional mixer, have many benefits beyond the buzz.

Making connections and gaining new business is a major incentive for frequenting tradeshows and the like. How else can you meet benefits-of-attending-direct-response-and-per-inquiry-industry-eventsface-to-face with so many other companies in a cost effective manner? It’s impossible to achieve a live conversation through email, and getting strangers on the phone is not always easy. Direct interaction is ideal for building relationships with new, and existing customers. This is especially so in a relaxed environment, where people are more likely to be honest and forthcoming.

While increasing profit and growing your company is the obvious reason to invest in such events, there is so much more t

o gain. You may think you know everything about your industry, but there is surprisingly always something new to learn. Chatting with others who serve your industry, who are not necessarily prospects, are often the best resource for information. They can help you understand concepts that never come across your desk, but do affect your clients. Knowing those extra details will assist in building your personal and professional reputation as an industry expert. Plus, gaining allies opens the door for referrals. Working together with non-competitive companies, that offer a different set of services, will benefit you and your clients.

On the other hand, if you are attending industry events and are in need of vendors, they are the perfect place to casually interview potential partners. The ability to take advantage of a variety of resources in one location is invaluable.

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