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Call Recording: Turning Off For Transfers

Posted by Jessica Metz

Mar 25, 2014 1:55:16 PM

Call recording plays an extremely vital role in media tracking and marketing campaigns. You can read more why-you-need-to-be-able-to-turn-off-call-recordingon why call recording is important here. The audio files reveal priceless data, including script issues, rep success, FAQ’s, and reasons for conversion. The chain of events for each call typically involves dialing, hearing a call recording disclaimer, and a conversation with a rep.

With multiple people having access to audio recordings, some situations may arise where call recording should be turned off for security and privacy reasons:

  1. Financial transactions are taking place, including the reciting of credit card numbers or social security numbers.
  2. Call is transferred to another party, who has not heard the disclaimer. An example would be calls made to a hotel, with a guestroom being the final destination. Although the caller dialed a hotel line, they do not expect the private conversation they are about to have would be recorded. 

Zenith Media Tracking built a solution to this problem. By pressing certain keys during a call, recording can be turned off and on. Personal information can essentially be muted out while capturing the rest of the call, or transferred calls can be shut off completely.

This feature does rely on the answerer to implement it, but with proper training, it can become an important tool for your business and your customers.  You cannot afford not to have this protective measure as part of your call tracking suite. Contact us now to learn more!  visit  or call 877-508-8555 to talk to me. 

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