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Curing Call Confusion: Test Dialing 101

Posted by Jessica Metz

Jun 19, 2014 10:59:48 AM

The first step to truly managing your campaign call routing is test dialing. It may be a nuisance, and it’s often overlooked, but is quite possibly the most important thing you can do to ensure success. Let’s face it, without a properly operating telephone call, advertising dollars go to waste and revenue is lost.

What happens during the test dial can be confusing, and may lead to more questions than answers. Also, there is more to check than simply connectivity. Here is a checklist to follow:

  1. Dial the TFN from a couple places if you have more than one phone available. Call routing can be a complicated process with multiple steps involved in set-up. Failure at the carrier level can lead to strange behavior of calls, such as certain blocks on incoming calls. While rare and unlikely, it doesn’t hurt to double check!
  2. Count the rings to pick up, and make note of subtle differences in ringing sounds, as well as time it takes while in call center IVR/queue. While you always hear a ringing sound when trying to connect to the endpoint, sometimes call centers play a ringing sound once the call is connected and before they have a rep available. This confuses many, because they assume it’s one continuous ringing instead of the actual case of waiting in a queue.
  3. Press through IVR’s if applicable. Reach the final destination (a live rep) and listen to their greeting. Script adherence can make or break a successful campaign, and your test dial might uncover a problem before it can negatively affect your bottom line.
  4. Detailing what you find and when will help tremendously if there is an issue that needs to be researched. Also, allow enough time before campaign inception for kinks to be worked out when placing the test dials.

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