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Posted by Jessica Metz

Feb 11, 2014 9:00:00 AM

For those who have never purchased media, it may seem very basic. You want something, and you buy it.  Unlike going to the grocery store and buying a gallon of milk, media buying is not quite as simple.  There are many factors to consider: planning, strategy, and negotiation. Here are the basics that every direct response marketer should know:direct-response-media-buying-101

  1. Planning is necessary!  First step is to identify your target market and audience, then pinpoint appropriate stations, dayparts, and programs based on the ratings.*link to ratings/rates blog

  2. Rates are negotiable!  Sure, all media outlets publish a rate card, but depending on your campaign needs, there may be a little or a lot of wiggle room.

  3. Once the order is sent and accepted by the station, they will need traffic instructions that tell them what spots to run, as well as the actual spots.  Keep it simple with these 5 steps to organizing spot traffic

  4. Now that the schedule is airing, the fine tuning and maintenance begins:

    1. Postlogs tell you exact times and money cleared, because there is a possibility that spots will be bumped out of the traffic log, or into an unordered daypart. Reasons can include system error, missing ad copy, or another advertiser paying a higher rate. This data helps reconcile invoices and detailed tracking of results for DR campaigns.

    2. Tracking results with unique phone numbers or URL’s will tell you which media outlets are working and which are not. Most stations require a two week cancellation notice, but cutting the frequency back might be doable quicker than that. Either way, it’s best to reduce and eliminate stations that are raising your CPL and dragging down overall campaign performance.

    3. Inversely, the stations, dayparts, and programs that are working should be increased. This can be done much quicker than cancelling-typically logs close the day prior, so it is possible to buy more spots for the next day.

    4. Finally, if different types of spots are airing, you may find that certain creative performs better than others. Identify the spots doing the best and increase their percentage of traffic.

Zenith Media Tracking provides tools to manage every aspect of your DR campaign, with experts to guide you along the way. Contact us for a campaign tutorial or tune-up!

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Zenith Media Tracking is for advertising professionals. We track phone calls and help agencies determine the best media buying and lead selling strategies for maximum profit.

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