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Dynamic Routing: We'll have our system talk to your system

Posted by Jessica Metz

Jun 11, 2014 10:42:55 AM

Sure, a phone call can be routed to another number, through an IVR, or even by geographic location. And there are lots of routing rules to apply, like time of day, volume, monetary considerations, and allocation percentages. These are all parameters set ahead of the campaign, and although they can be changed at any time, they do remain static until manual intervention takes place.

Dynamic routing, on the other hand, involves real-time communication between two systems that changes the endpoint or destination number on the fly, depending on many variables. Essentially, a call comes in, our system relays the information about the caller through an XML feed, and then we get pinged right back with a destination number to route the call. Amazingly, this is done in less than a second! Whether a quick change in routing is needed for quality or cost optimization, this is an excellent way to stay nimble during fast-paced campaign changes.

If a call center goes down, a rep isn’t converting, or one of your partners is offering to pay a higher rate, each of these issues can affect your bottom line. Let technology do the work and save you money!

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