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Hispanic Market Advertising

Posted by Jessica Metz

Jan 5, 2015 9:30:00 AM

The Hispanic media market is not to be ignored. If your product or service is relevant to Spanish speakers, marketing to them is a must. This is especially true in markets like Miami (where the Hispanic population is high), but even if you are buying media on a national scale, this group is growing nationwide and overlooking them will be a detriment to your campaign.

Some reasons why the Hispanic market is so important:

  1. The Hispanic population grew 50% in the US between 2000 and 2012 (, and there are roughly 54 million living in the US now.
  2. Your competition is there! Ad Age tells us that advertising to this market increased by over 8% in 2013 ( If you don’t solicit those leads, someone else will (and likely already is).

Some ways to reach, and communicate with the Hispanic market:

  1. While some Spanish language channels accept spots in English, they are not recommended. Have your VO professionally recorded in Spanish. Or, target the younger generation on “Spanglish” radio stations and use an English script with Spanish words worked in.
  2. Generating the response is just the beginning. How you treat the entire consumer experience matters. From the call recording disclaimer, to the call center conversation, the process should be seamless (and anticipate a Spanish only speaker).

Zenith Media Tracking makes it easy to manage Spanish campaigns by offering Spanish call recording disclaimers and an easy to build IVR and custom message system. Upload Spanish messages and apply them to individual tracking numbers for complete control of your user experience. It is potentially equally important to understand and perfect this experience through quality control and effective tracking and reporting. Zenith Media Tracking provides call transcription with translation of Spanish to English. You don’t have to be bilingual to get the complete picture.

Ask us how we can help perfect your next Spanish language campaign:




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