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How To Generate More Conversions by Qualifying Direct Response Leads

Posted by Jessica Metz

Dec 9, 2013 8:37:00 AM

Trust & Money in Direct Reponse Campaigns

You can never have too many checks on the system. Look at casinos – they have people watching people, When phone calls you generate for your clients are overlooked, develop your process to qualify more leads from the same number of calls to max ROIwatching people, in multiple layers of security to make sure that nothing 'slips through the cracks'. This might seem excessive, but when it comes to money, especially large amounts, its always important to take it seriously and be careful.

What does casino security have to do with direct response (DR) advertising? More than you think! Both involve a fair amount of other people’s money, trust, and the goal of making money. Throughout a DR campaign, there are many little things that can go wrong. Phone numbers might be mislabeled, spots might be trafficked to the wrong station, but once the leads come in they are often overlooked. Unconverted calls are sloughed off as normal, dropped calls are considered uninterested, and when the campaign struggles to meet a certain cost per lead, the media buy is attacked. Making the most of the leads you do generate could potentially reduce the need and expense for a higher volume.


Some Leads May Not Seem Qualified The First Time Around

Let’s face it, humans are flawed. Whether your calls are being routed to a call center, or your office, it’s always possible that the person answering is having a bad day, got distracted, or some other issue came in the way of them providing the best customer experience. Callers can be fickle, and no matter how much they are interested in the product or service you are selling, that bad experience can stand in the way of conversion. In the event that a lead is not converted, the rep taking the call is also responsible for entering the record. Quotas and job security might lead that rep to misclassify the call, or the rep may just miss pertinent information to create a complete file on the caller. This missed opportunity can be costly.


Develop a Process to Improve Conversion Rates

There are ways to recover the data from phone calls and possibly create more leads and conversions. One way is to pay a live person to listen to the calls and track specific data points. This is not the most cost or time efficient, as it involves paying someone to listen to hours of audio files and also runs the risk of human error.

Another way would be transcription through a machine, with the aid of humans. This is much quicker and cheaper, as it uses technology to extract the data from audio files, while only requiring a couple minutes of human assistance.

Via-Tele, a Zenith Media Tracking partner, provides such services and exports the data directly into your CRM. If you are not staffed to call back failed conversions, they can also run the outbound campaign. This facilitates a check on the system and the conversion solution, maximizing your campaign.


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