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Lead Gen Metrics: Increasing Direct Response Advertising ROI with Math

Posted by Jessica Metz

Mar 17, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Traditional practices of analyzing metrics to increase ROI certainly play a role in campaign management, but technology has now surpassed such methods in taking your ROI to the next level. Instead of being reactive, you can finally be proactive in managing your lead flow. With the help of mathematical algorithms, the leads you generated can be routed to maximize ROI, based on what each customer is paying per lead and their current conversion rates.


Technology acts as a second set of eyes, monitoring your direct response advertising campaign in real time to catch issues such as slow call center response, inability to convert, and which call center is making you the most money based on price per lead and cost per conversion. So many details go into managing multiple lead buyers, including times of operation, states served, and number of leads ordered. Set all of your rules and let the system do its calculations to route calls for the most profit.

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Topics: Advertising ROI, Campaign Optimization, Lead Management

Zenith Media Tracking is for advertising professionals. We track phone calls and help agencies determine the best media buying and lead selling strategies for maximum profit.

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