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Misdials: Why They Happen and How to Avoid Them

Posted by Jessica Metz

Nov 26, 2013 10:30:00 AM

We can all agree that misdials are a waste of time and money. They burden your sales team, dilute your reports, and in high volume can stand in the way of quality calls. While they are frustrating, and often misdials-caused-by-robodialers-affect-campaign-results-and-reportingconfusing, there are ways to manage your toll free numbers to better avoid them.

Misdials occur for many reasons, most notably incorrect key touches, number transposition, misprints by another organization, and leftover calls from previous campaigns. If your number is one digit off from another published number, there is a good chance you will see “fat fingered” misdials trickle in. This becomes a serious issue when that number is widespread and intended for high call volume. Another form of misdial is robodial, or auto-generated calls. 

When you order a toll free number, do you put it to use immediately? We suggest securing a pool of numbers prior to your campaign and watching them for activity. Your call tracking provider can report on all recent calls. This ensures the numbers are clean and free from misdials. If there is excessive traffic on the line, you can prevent these negative effects on your campaign by choosing an alternate number. Its best to be proactive; once TV spots are versioned and printed materials are in circulation, it is costly to change.

Once your number is in use, reporting is key in identifying abnormal misdial activity and putting a stop to it. Playing an intercept message prompting the caller to press a number to continue screens both accidental and robodials. Monitoring your active lines is also important, as it is possible for a similar (or mistakenly the same) number to be published after your campaign has started. 

Zenith Media Tracking will guide you through nearly any scenario and provide options to best remediate misdial and other phone tracking issues.


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