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Mobile Site: A Marketing Must-Have

Posted by Jessica Metz

Mar 11, 2014 11:52:00 AM

After attending the ERA Great Ideas Summit in Miami last week, I walked away with one prevailing strategy for direct marketing: mobile. This does not necessarily mean spending more in mobile marketing, or diverting attention away from traditional channels. Every speaker agreed, maintaining a strong online presence is extremely important in supporting your overall marketing campaign.

Mobile has been a hot topic for some time, so what I heard and what I am relaying is nothing new, however, it mobile-site-marketing-strategyis amazing how many have not fully adopted mobile as a foundation of their strategy. The #1 most critical thing you can do to reach your customers, especially if your target audience is younger, is have a mobile site. Whatever medium you are using to reach them, they will likely search for you on their tablets and smartphones.

In fact, mobile is outpacing desktop search. So if someone finds your site on their phone and it is not mobile friendly and clumsy to use, they could be turned away. Likewise, outbound emails should be designed for opening on a mobile device. According to Experian Marketing Services, over 50% of emails are opened on a mobile device, the most popular of which is a tablet. If those viewers link to your website from that email, and your website is not mobile compatible, this causes a glitch in the flow of your marketing strategy.

Make the most of your marketing dollars by hosting a mobile site and start capturing the complete audience you reach. At Zenith Media Tracking, we understand the need to communicate with customers through a mobile platform. Visit our website from your device to experience a mobile friendly view, Our media tracking system is mobile too! Stay connected with your accounts and operate on the fly with our mobile version.

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