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Monetizing Misdials: Putting Dirty Numbers to Work

Posted by Jessica Metz

Apr 22, 2014 9:00:00 AM

True 800 numbers might be the most desired tracking numbers, but they often come with a price. First, they might be difficult to acquire. Many of the desirable vanities are taken, and if available, they likely come at a Monetizing-Misdials-Putting-Dirty-Phone-Numbers-to-Workpremium cost. Second, since all 800’s have been in circulation longer than other prefixes, there is a stronger chance for misdials.

Naturally, when dialing an 888, 877, 866, 855, or 844 number, some callers are inclined to dial 800. Assuming the same 7 digit number is in use for all 6 prefixes, there is the possibility that someone calling one of the other 5 will mistakenly dial 800. This scenario is in addition to other chances for misdials, such as fat-fingering and transposing numbers, that plague all phone numbers.

Dirty numbers (those that get a lot of misdials) are demonized and squeaky clean 800’s are hard to come by. If you are glass half empty type, watching the calls come in and the minutes rack up could put you in bad spirits. Or, you could take control and start to monetize those misdials. Whether using a live rep or an IVR, answering those calls with a menu of potential services/products that you are already marketing could transform those callers into leads.

We can help with both options: our call center will convert those callers, or we can implement an IVR. Zenith Media Tracking will help you efficiently monetize your misdials!

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