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Multichannel Marketing and Phone Numbers

Posted by Jessica Metz

Mar 13, 2014 10:30:00 AM

Most comprehensive advertising campaigns span multiple channels, whether it be TV, radio, print, or online. For a complete and accurate picture of results, unique phone numbers should be used for each spot. And while these two points may be commonplace, one that is often overlooked is the important role of phone multi-channel-marketing-phone-numbersnumbers in online ads.

I recently watched a presentation on multichannel marketing and learned some compelling statistics. 55% of consumers conducting product research from their mobile device want to make a purchase within an hour. What does that have to do with phone numbers? Well, you have a consumer ready to pull the trigger, but may not feel comfortable entering credit card data into their screen. This could be because the site is not mobile friendly, because entering all of that data is too tedious on a phone, or a distrust of the security.

Whatever the reason, 63% of purchases start online and convert offline. If conversion is your goal (and whose isn’t!?), including a phone number in all pieces of your marketing is paramount. Even emails designed to generate a click through should have one present. Phone numbers will help you convert, help you track, and help you succeed.

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