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Radio VO’s: Professional or Local?

Posted by Jessica Metz

Jun 25, 2014 10:09:34 AM

Buying local radio can be tedious. It requires research of market, coverage areas, signal strength, format, etc. Once your buy is placed, it’s time to send traffic to the stations. You have a couple of choices in creating radio spots, and each have their pros and cons. Here is a look at your options:

  1. Professional VO: Depending on your overall marketing plan, using a professional VO talent to record your spots could be extremely important.
    1. If, for instance, you have a famous spokesperson with a familiar voice, or a distinct voice used in a TV spot and are striving for consistency, it might be necessary to use that same VO for radio.
    2. Perhaps you are trying to build brand recognition. In this case, using identical music beds and VO throughout all spots will help. Memory stems from frequency, so if the same exact spot is heard frequently, it certainly improves the chances of being remembered by your customers.
    3. Professionally recording spots puts control in your hands. There is no waiting for stations to record. You can select the voice that works best for your campaign, and you have the right to use that spot on other station groups.
  2. Station recorded VO: Whether it be free station talent, or using a DJ/talk personality, there are several benefits.
    1. Free station talent is, well, FREE. In house VO typically costs nothing, and can be turned around very quickly. Since it’s done at the station, the spot is already in the hands of your sales rep and traffic department.
    2. Using a DJ/talk personality might cost you, but depending on their popularity, your product or service could gain instant credibility by presenting through the appearance of their endorsement. Listeners are less likely to tune out during commercials spoken by DJ’s, because it’s not immediately known it’s a commercial.
    3. With both free station talent and station personality, you are speaking to your audience in a way they already choose to be spoken to and are familiar with. Certain VO’s are just going to sound out of place, and using a one size fits all approach such as a professional VO, may turn off customers. What works on a young pop station, might sound out of place on classic rock or talk radio.

No matter what route you choose, we wish you the most success in your radio campaign!  If you need help tracking your success, contact us at Zenith Media Tracking. 844-ZENITHMT


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