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Texting and Tracking: The Important Marketing Tool You May Be Missing

Posted by Jessica Metz

Apr 14, 2014 9:30:00 AM

Texting isn’t just for Millennials. Seemingly everyone uses texts these days (even my 85 year old grandmother!) and it’s not just for casual communication. What was once considered informal has become texting-and-tracking-key-marketing-tool-for-direct-response-agenciescommonplace in business, as short and quick messaging fills the need for the efficiency we all strive for. Not to mention, we can exchange important information while doing something else (in a public place, a meeting, or another location where a phone call is less feasible). This is the best form of multitasking!

Texting is now second nature for many, so what happens when the masses see or hear your ad with a call to action and a phone number? Chances are, some might try and text it. Perhaps you never thought of this possibility, or maybe you have but didn’t know how to address it. Turns out, your number can be made textable. You heard right! The same number you are using to track phone calls from your marketing campaign can be activated to receive texts, programmed to automatically respond to texts, and can all be tracked similarly, and alongside, the rest of our call tracking data.

If your target demo is younger, and more likely to text, simply including the option to text in your call to action could boost leads by capturing those reluctant to call, but more willing to text. Rather than speaking on the phone, call centers can type to text for client engagement on their terms. Let’s face it, we are all operating on consumer terms now, so it will benefit you to put them in their comfort zone. 

Whatever size piece of your campaign you feel texting fits in, it should surely be there. Zenith Media Tracking can lay out your options and help develop the best text friendly strategy for your needs. Ask us how! Call 844-ZENITHMT. 

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