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The Pros and Cons of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Usage

Posted by Jessica Metz

Nov 27, 2013 11:00:00 AM

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology is useful, there is no doubt about that. It can be applied to screen for misdials, manage internal customer routing, and provide basic customer service, in a much more cost effective manner than using all live interaction. However, customer satisfaction plays an equally important role in your bottom line, and they’re experience can be affected by an IVR.


Misdials are a costly issue for many marketers, whether they are accidental or malicious. Wouldn’t it be great to prequalify all your callers before they get to the call center? Simply attach a basic single number IVR to your numbers and you can do just that. This is a quick way to mitigate major issues on a line and keep reporting clean. The customer experience is barely affected as they only have to follow one easy instruction.

More in depth IVR systems involving long menus can create much less favorable customer interaction. For instance, I recently had a personal experience with a big chain that I hold a protection plan through. Since the IVR heard “yes” when I said “no,” I got the wrong department several times. Only after calling back for the fourth time was I able to get the right person on the line and my issue resolved. That frustration certainly flaws my opinion of the company, but an operation that large couldn’t survive without it.

At Zenith Media Tracking, we recognize the balance in technology and customer experience, and advocate building whatever kind of IVR you need while being mindful of that. Our latest technology allows for activating IVR’s instantly, and applying them to mass routing strategies, so there is no wasted time in implementation. Have questions about the process? Ask us how we can help!

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