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Post Logs: A DR Media Buyer's Best Friend

Posted by Jessica Metz

Mar 23, 2015 9:30:00 AM

Post logs are a report from the station showing if and when your media spots actually ran. Because we face far less than 100% clearance on DR media schedules, and often buy broad rotators instead of specific shows/programs, it is impossible to know the times and clearance level ahead of time.

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Campaign Metrics: Are you analyzing too much or not enough?

Posted by Jessica Metz

Feb 4, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Without measurement, there is no way to understand your advertising campaign results. And without that knowledge, it is impossible to improve your campaign. We may all be able to agree that analysis is necessary, but what to focus on can be confusing.

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Hispanic Market Advertising

Posted by Jessica Metz

Jan 5, 2015 9:30:00 AM

The Hispanic media market is not to be ignored. If your product or service is relevant to Spanish speakers, marketing to them is a must. This is especially true in markets like Miami (where the Hispanic population is high), but even if you are buying media on a national scale, this group is growing nationwide and overlooking them will be a detriment to your campaign.

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Call Screening vs. Call Blocking

Posted by Jessica Metz

Oct 3, 2014 9:30:00 AM

Many DR campaigns are state or area code sensitive. Perhaps laws prohibit your product being shipped to California, or the company offering a service is not licensed in Florida. If your media campaign is national, keeping callers from those excluded states is a must. Otherwise, your client receives calls they can’t handle and it poses a logistical nightmare. On the opposite side, a local campaign in New York is unlikely to get viable calls from New Mexico. A caller from that far away could be a transplant, or could be a spam or misdial.

There is more than one way to eliminate these callers efficiently and in the fairest way to the caller, because after all, they did hear your spot and are responding as they were intended to (this means your creative worked!). No matter which way you choose to restrict them, playing a message explaining they are out of the service area is a must. Without it, they might call back or think the number was published incorrectly and this reflects poorly on you.

  1. Call Screening:  You can select the states (or area codes) that you trust are likely to generate true leads, and “screen out” all other states with a message requiring the caller to press a single key. Those callers from the likely states will pass directly to the endpoint because they are essentially being qualified based on their location. In addition, this tool can be used to play an “out of service area” message to callers within certain states or area codes before disconnecting the call, so that they do not have the option to proceed to the call center. The reporting distinction with call screening is that screened calls not passing to the endpoint do not show up in reporting. This is especially clean when using for billing purposes.
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Beyond the Open Bar - Benefits of Attending Industry Events

Posted by Jessica Metz

Feb 25, 2014 8:12:00 AM

Sure, the open bar is a nice perk, but attending industry events, whether it be conference cocktails or a regional mixer, have many benefits beyond the buzz.

Making connections and gaining new business is a major incentive for frequenting tradeshows and the like. How else can you meet benefits-of-attending-direct-response-and-per-inquiry-industry-eventsface-to-face with so many other companies in a cost effective manner? It’s impossible to achieve a live conversation through email, and getting strangers on the phone is not always easy. Direct interaction is ideal for building relationships with new, and existing customers. This is especially so in a relaxed environment, where people are more likely to be honest and forthcoming.

While increasing profit and growing your company is the obvious reason to invest in such events, there is so much more t

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Response Based Media Buys: Per Inquiry vs Traditional Direct Response

Posted by Jessica Metz

Jan 6, 2014 8:00:00 AM

If your advertising goal is to elicit a response, you have two choices for buying media. The first is traditional Response Based Media Buys: Per Inquiry vs Traditional Direct Responsedirect response, which involves placing spots on stations at reduced rates without expectations of clearing every spot ordered. There will be a unique phone number or URL on the spot to track the results. The money spent could yield a great response, or none at all. If your secondary goal is brand awareness, the lack of response may not matter as much, as there is still value in reaching a mass audience. 

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Topics: Direct Response, Advertising ROI, Per Inquiry

Direct Response Television Advertising: Ratings vs. Rates

Posted by Jessica Metz

Dec 5, 2013 10:00:00 AM

The process of buying TV ads can be very different, depending on the nature of the campaign. If your goal is Direct Response TV Advertisingbrand awareness, ratings will be your guideline. If your objective is to generate a response via phone or web, your tactics are not quite as black and white. No matter what you are trying to achieve, understanding the relationship of ratings and rates plays a huge role in campaign success.



Thanks to Nielsen, we can obtain viewership data for each DMA (Designated Market Area). The country is divided up, typically around major cities, where networks broadcast from. The TV watching activity is recorded and reported to give stations, advertisers, and buyers a snapshot of what programs gain the most attention.

Ratings are communicated in points, which are a percentage of the overall population in that market based on the demographic you are targeting (i.e. Woman 18-34, Adults 25-54). The data is taken one step further, by specifying “share,” which is the percentage tuned in at that given time. All of this information helps to make an informed decision on what programs to buy in order to reach the most viewers in your target audience, and is crucial to maximizing your money. Rates are divided by rating points to give you a CPP (cost per point), to show the efficiency of your media spend. Breaking stations down by CPP can assist in comparing – for instance, a spot during Monday Night Football might cost a lot more than the noon news, but the viewership is so much higher during MNF, that it is a cheaper way to reach more people. 


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Why Call Tracking and Recording are Important to Direct Marketing Campaigns

Posted by Jessica Metz

Nov 22, 2013 7:00:00 AM

The Benefits of Call Recording

The goal of Direct Response marketing is to create an immediate response from the consumer. ProducingThe benefits of call recording for direct response that call to action is not always easy; it requires thoughtfully executed creative and carefully negotiated media rates. However, generating that lead is just the beginning. Campaign metrics and management is just as important as campaign initiation. Call tracking and recording play an extremely important role in reducing costs and increasing campaign effectiveness.

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