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Web and Phone Leads: Tracking Both with One Agency

Posted by Jessica Metz

Feb 6, 2014 11:28:14 AM

Most comprehensive advertising campaigns involve both traditional and digital media placement. Advertisers bridging-the-gap-between-web-and-phone-leadsmay choose to use different agencies that specialize in each, or one full service agency to handle it all. Realistically, multi-channel marketing efforts will always have some overlap in audience reach. The calls and clicks are tracked, but analyzing the relationship between the data sets are equally as important.

There are a couple different ways online leads can be generated. First, you may have a URL in a traditional spot, which directs customers to a website. Second, the customer finds the site/ad online through a paid partner site, banner, or search. Either way, the next step is for the customer to fill out an online form or call the number on the screen. There are several options for facilitating and tracking this process:

  1. At the most basic level, attempts can be made to draw parallels between timing and location of web traffic based on traditional media schedules.
  2. If no phone number is used, web forms can have a menu to select source of lead. This is a faulty form of measurement, as it relies on the customer to report accurately.
  3. If a phone number is used, a unique one can be placed online, to track which site the call came from.
  4. A dynamic number system can be employed, which involves a pool of rotating numbers to not only specify the site, but the time and page of inquiry. If a phone call records that a caller inquired about a product and purchased it, and that caller can be tracked from viewing a certain web page, it is clear that web page was successful in generating the sale. If the call records some other kind of inquiry, it was not quite as productive. While one or two cases may not paint a big picture, many over time will provide a better outlook for analysis.

The key is being able to integrate this detailed web data with phone data, for complete tracking. Brigit, a product offered by Zenith Media Tracking, does just that. Combining phone data through transcription of calls with designated data points, with imported web data, it automates the integration and tracking process for seamless analysis and campaign optimization. Finally, you can grasp the totality of your results and increase efficiency and performance. To learn more, contact 877-508-8555.

Topics: Call Tracking, Lead Management, Lead Generation

Zenith Media Tracking is for advertising professionals. We track phone calls and help agencies determine the best media buying and lead selling strategies for maximum profit.

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