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Why Call Tracking and Recording are Important to Direct Marketing Campaigns

Posted by Jessica Metz

Nov 22, 2013 7:00:00 AM

The Benefits of Call Recording

The goal of Direct Response marketing is to create an immediate response from the consumer. ProducingThe benefits of call recording for direct response that call to action is not always easy; it requires thoughtfully executed creative and carefully negotiated media rates. However, generating that lead is just the beginning. Campaign metrics and management is just as important as campaign initiation. Call tracking and recording play an extremely important role in reducing costs and increasing campaign effectiveness.

Time is of the essence. As soon as your DR marketing campaign is launched, feedback is necessary in real time. Media buys often have cancellation parameters and outlets not performing must be cut with haste. Such strategy requires accurate and easily accessible intelligence that will allow for early modifications and positive changes that can make or break the bottom line.

Call recording allows you to identify script and personnel issues, verify lead sources, and gain insight into consumer opinions. This straight from the source information puts all the power in your hands. Such knowledge nearly eliminates the need for focus groups and traditional marketing research, while providing much more precise material to work with.

The market intelligence mined from call recording can help the Direct Response marketer to make more informed ad campaign optimization decisions to drive quality customer phone calls and maximize your return on investment. Such recordings can also serve as a tool to follow up with customers to recover potentially lost sales, better the consumer experience, and consequently generate referrals.


Determining Sales Representative Effectiveness

Sales representatives create the first impressions of your company and/or product. Their script and delivery plays a very important role in the success of your campaign. Identifying rep performance and caller objections will assist you in making the essential modifications to ensure the best possible ROI. These two components to the sale process highly effect the close rate..


Validation of Actual Sales

If you are a lead generation firm or DR advertising agency managing the campaign on behalf of your client, call recordings provide validation of actual sales in the event of a data discrepancy between the call center and the agency.

Lead quality can also be uncovered by listening in. Are consumers calling to ask questions and gather more information, or are they responding to offer and are ready to buy? Conversion rates can be affected by multiple pieces of the campaign puzzle, and until identified, you are essentially in the dark when reacting and adjusting such pieces.

Overall, having remotely held recordings readily accessible can reduce campaign research and launch expenses, while increasing campaign effectiveness and sales productivity.


photo credit: Matt Blaze via cc

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